Combat Hapkido

Hapkido Style at Taekwondo World

There are many styles of Hapkido and many associations or governing bodies of the various styles. Some boast of thousands of techniques and more than a 100 kinds of kicks. Some styles have created forms/patterns. Some emphasize high, jumping, aerobatic kicks and, equally aerobatic breakfalls. Others, more influenced by Judo and Aikido, emphasize throwing skills. Some have developed a strong sport aspect and engage competitively.

At Taekwondo World we teach a wholistic, "cross-platform" program which integrates specific Hapkido techniques with Traditional Taekwondo and Gumdo (Art of the Sword), and Kimoodo (the Art of Energy ... stylisticly like TaiChi ... a form of ChiGong).

Some characteristics of Hapkido

  • Kicks are delivered to the mid and lower part of the body
  • Aerobatic kicks are not taught
  • Aerobatic throws are not required
  • "Hard" blocks or static stances are not the standard
  • Hapkido teaches the use of self defense tools: dan bong, cane, stick, and knife
  • Teaches the practical components in Ground Fighting, Pressure Points, Firearms Disarming
  • Breaking boards (and other materials) is taught
  • Hapkido is practiced and self defense and is demonstrated, but not practiced competitively
  • Hapkido is evolving